Monday, 6 June 2016

Allergic cough is one of the symptoms of bronchial asthma

Often people talk about bronchial asthma, what is it? People referring to bronchial asthma often mean to talk about asthma itself.  Bronchitis is a condition that may occur because of the inflammation of the airway passages of the lungs. Inflammation in the breathing passages could be because of the inhaling of the different pathogens like the bacteria and the viruses.  Apart from this, there are different other causes of bronchial asthma. These include inhaling of the harmful gases, cigarette smoking, etc.

The matter of the fact is that this is one the breathing problems in which a person is usually not aware that he’s suffering from such condition. Only post the visit to an expert specialist, one can know the exact problem and the causes of it.

The most common cause of the bronchitis is the viruses. It has been seen that the symptoms of the diseases that arise because of the virus, tend to fade with time. Some of these symptoms include the shortness of breath, allergic cough, pain in the upper portion of the body, fever, exhaustion, etc. Usually symptoms like pain in the chest and coughing are usually experienced because of the clogging of the passages of the lungs. These passages are usually blocked by mucus.

The first key symptom of bronchitis is dry cough. Within few days, the dry cough becomes the wet or the productive cough. Other symptoms of bronchitis may also be seen but they too will disappear with time. On the other hand, coughing can last for a month or so. If the common cold or the cough happens to stay with you for over a week, then you must make your way to an ENT specialist at the earliest. This is necessary to understand the underlying problem. Based on the symptoms experienced by you and the cough testing, the doctor will tell you if there is any grave problem like bronchitis or asthma or pneumonia. If there is any such problem, you may require immediate treatment.  

Broadly, there are 2 main types of bronchitis – One being the serious bronchitis and the other being the chronic bronchitis. It has been noticed that the serious form of bronchitis is a little more common than the chronic form. This can occur because of the different viruses or the microorganisms. Acute bronchitis is usually because of the more serious disease in the respiratory system.

The treatment plan laid out by the doctor will depend upon the severity of the disease. So, always visit a specialist too prevent the repercussions.

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