Thursday, 7 July 2016

What is asthma and how to handle it

Many of us still get confused as to the definition of a symptom and problem. When you say that the kid has a fever – it is not the problem, it is actually the symptom that you are noticing. We all can see that it the child is suffering from fever the real question is the reason behind the occurrence of the fever. Because it is only then can someone prevent it next time from happening. Likewise, identifying the symptoms of bronchitis is certainly a vital factor in the cure of the disease but recognizing the root causes is the source towards its prevention.

There are several long term lung conditions that a person goes through; and asthma is the most common one among these. Individuals suffering from this have delicate airways in their lungs which immediately respond to triggers, thereby bringing about an inflammation. In this condition, the muscles enclosing the airway become highly congested, the air passages inflate and turn into becoming contracted and there is extra phlegm. The consequence here is difficulty in regular respiration from time to time. Many people are yet confused over what is asthma and the necessary information regarding it. It is high time to educate individuals about these commonly occurring problems and the action plans on it.

Basic description of chronic cough – Do not be mistaken that this particular condition is a disease in itself; it is rather a sign of an underlying disorder. Many people at times inhale foreign particles which later affect their lungs. The reason is that the system isn’t used to such substances and therefore reacts to it instantaneously. Chronic cough in the simplest form is the long lasting persistent form of coughing which disturbs your sleep at night; and eventually it has the tendency to disturb the sleep of others at your home as well. It is an imperative step to immediately consult a doctor for a chest X-ray to detect any problems.

The known causes of chronic cough – Are you a smoker? If yes then you may invite this risk at any point in time. If no, then there are other potential hazards as well. Ever heard of what is an acid reflux? It is the reverse flow of stomach acid and other substances into the oesophagus. If stomach acid travels reverse up the oesophagus, reactions give rise to paroxysm of the air passages that can bring about breathing difficulty and coughing. This condition that causes chronic cough is referred to as Gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD).  Lastly there are sinus issues which are not easy to detect; it requires a CT scan in order to discover the problem.

Different kinds of chronic cough problems – One amongst these different kinds is the dry cough that does not create any mucus – this is particularly irritating to the throat and also in the lung area. This can be an indication of a sinus problem or a viral infection. The next type is of course the wet cough that produces significant amount of mucus and the severity is observed based on its colour. And lastly there is the stress chronic cough which is a reactive contraction of the air passages of the lung when a person is in stress.

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