Monday, 19 December 2016

How to treat wheezing for good?

The primary cause of allergic rhinitis is a reaction with allergens. There are a number of allergens suspended in the air which might trigger an allergic reaction. The most common of all allergens are dust, chemical gases, fuel fumes, animal fur, moulds and fungi spores and also pollen grains. It is very difficult to protect oneself from all these allergens. This is the reason why instances of allergic rhinitis among adults is so common. However, the good thing is that you can treat allergic rhinitis with basic medical acumen. Here are four ways you can comfort yourself in a condition of allergic rhinitis.

1.      Home remedies
There are a large number of home remedies prevalent in the society which claim to cure allergic rhinitis. However, you should understand that home remedies are helpful only in comforting the symptoms. Complete cure of any reaction is not possible by home remedies. An allergic reaction can subside only under two conditions, self-healing with time and medical treatment. Nonetheless, this does not render the importance of home remedies any lesser. You need these home remedies to prevent the constant irritation you face in such a condition. Among the most effective home remedies, you can try out inhalation of steam produced by adding mint or camphor to hot water. This helps in clearing out the phlegm produced due to the allergic reaction.

2.      OTCs
There are a number of over the counter drugs, which are especially effective in treating allergic reactions. The most common among them are anti-histamines. When you are subjected to an allergic reaction, histamines are triggered in your body. These histamines increase the temperature of the body and causes dizziness, depression and nausea. Anti-histamines supresses these enzymes and make you feel better.

3.      Drops and Sprays
There are nasal drops and oral sprays available in the market which help in controlling asthma symptoms. Nasal drops clear out the nasal cavity and the oral sprays help in curing problems such as breathlessness. The best thing about the nasal drops and oral sprays is that these are available in handy tubes, which can carry everywhere. So, most people prefer this form of medication for the treatment of allergic reaction and also more serious conditions such as bronchial asthma. It is in fact a very good habit that your carry your nasal drop everywhere you go.

4.      Immunotherapy

This medical therapy is helpful if you are down with fever due to the immune trigger in the body against the allergic reaction. Whenever we get allergens inside our body, our immune system activates the defence mechanism. This activation causes a number of unwanted conditions such as fever, wheezing, phlegm etc. Immunotherapy keeps the trigger in control and uses the chemical methods to treat the allergy more effectively.

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