Monday, 16 January 2017

Know what is asthma to beat it

With the rate at which traffic and vehicular fume woes are increasing, it is difficult to be able to breathe easy. Not only is there no space left for people to move, but the stress that waiting in traffic causes is also extremely overwhelming. While these are issues that can be tackled with a little bit of meditation and relaxing at home, there are greater health issues that afflict us while we wait for the traffic to move.

The exhausts that the vehicles give out are extremely harmful for the human body. When we wait for a long time in a traffic jam, we are constantly taking the exhaust in by way of breathing. This implies that our lungs are out through great amounts of pressure to purify air that is extremely dangerous and bad in quality. This is one of the causes of asthma, which makes a person feel like they are suffocated.

Knowing the disorder

If you need to know what is asthma, you need to understand the role that the lungs play in our existence. When we breathe in air through our nose and the bronchial tubes, it is sent to the lungs for the air to get purified. The purified air is then used for fuelling our blood with oxygen and the rest of the useless air is given out in the form of carbon di oxide. When the lungs get overworked and stressed out, we experience asthmatic attacks.

Why it happens?

When the lungs are constantly working with mediocre to bad quality air, they tend to get fatigued with the effort. A lot of times, the lung nodes that work within the lungs get inflamed and fail to function properly. In such cases, the patient tends to feel breathless and suffocated because of the lack of healthy air. This is when a proper treatment may be needed.

Treating asthma

In the course getting an asthma cure, the first step should be to reach out to a specialist in the field. A good doctor ensures that you are able to get the best treatment. You may be put on a mix of medications and breathing techniques and exercises. You could also be advised to use an inhaler when you feel an attack coming.

Finally, in combination with all the medicines and treatment methods, it is highly important to ensure that you change your lifestyle to suit your health. Adhering to staggered work timings and cutting down on the cigarettes could also work wonders for you.

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