Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Five rules of asthma treatment

Asthma is one of the commonest chronic breathing disorders. It is estimated that almost one-eighth of the human population suffers from at least a low degree of asthma. The sad part about asthma is that it is not curable. Research has shown that the occurrence of asthma can be attributed to the genes of the patient, which makes it difficult to cure as well as prevent.

 However, today, there are a number of treatments and therapies which help in keeping asthma attacks under control. In fact, there are a few therapies which make a person highly indifferent to the effects of asthma attacks. If an asthma patient follows certain rules, it is highly likely that they would be able to control every occurrence of an asthma attack to a large extent. Here are four of those rules.

Avail short term and long term treatment simultaneously

Most people are interested in taking short term treatments for asthma, which helps them to keep asthma under control for a few months only. This approach is, however, necessary to get rid of irritating and to some extent, dangerous asthma attacks. But, one should remember that no short term treatment would be able to keep the problem of asthma attack and acute bouts of breathlessness under control forever. This is why most physicians advise patients to take up short term and long term
treatment for asthma simultaneously.

Long term asthma treatment consists of various breathing practices and therapies which help in easing out the inflammation in the throat and makes the lungs of the person strong enough to withstand asthma attacks.

Cooperate with the physician

Unlike cough treatment, asthma treatment will not be very effective if one relies only on the medicines. You must cooperate with the physician and practice breathing exercises as prescribed by your physician. If you think your asthma shall be cured only by medication and without your personal effort, then you are wrong.

Keep your asthma inhaler handy

You should always keep your asthma inhaler with you. You never know when you will have attacks of asthma. At times of sudden bouts of asthma attacks, there might be none to help you. If you want to avoid such situation, which might anytime turn into critical, you must carry asthma inhaler all the time with you.

Avoid contact with allergens

You might be aware of the fact there are certain things which trigger asthma attacks in you. These things, known as allergens are different for different person. Common allergens are cold temperature, smoke, dust, pollen grains and also the smoke emitted by cigarettes and mosquito repellent burning. You must identify your allergens and avoid contact with those at any cost.

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