Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Inhalers an their uses

Respiratory problems are the bane of the modern age. Rising levels of pollution and greater number of emissions have all added to this problem that is growing in majestic proportions. People across gender, nationality and race have been affected with children being the most vulnerable. A lot of research is being carried out in this area with many advances being made aiding a great deal in controlling the effects of these diseases. Since the factors for incidence are external it is however difficult to prevent the occurrence of the disease.

All respiratory problems are caused by the way the nasal and the air passages have been affected. Severe allergies, infections or sometimes even exposure to certain emissions cause the air passage to be narrowed creating great difficulty in breathing. During exhalation at such a time, the air is emitted from the lungs with a whistling sound. This is known as wheezing. It is serious medical condition that needs to be treated because it makes it very difficult for people to breathe. It is usually treated with the use of bronchodilators that cause the air passage to widen and provide immediate relief. It is also important to avoid the things that trigger wheezing as far as possible.

Asthma is a disease that is becoming very common today especially in children. There are many symptoms for asthma which can make it quite easy to identify and treat effectively. The first sign of this disease is shortness of breath and signs of cold like running nose and a cough which gets especially worse at night preventing a sound sleep. For people suffering from asthma, any intense exercise usually leaves them feeling exhausted and give them wheezing. It causes a tightness in the chest compounded with mood swings. When these symptoms occur it is important to begin treatment as early as possible to prevent the lungs from being affected permanently.

One of the most common treatment plans for asthma or wheezing is the use of inhalers. As opposed to taking medicines orally, the use of inhaler delivers the medicine directly to the site of inflammation i.e the air passage, widening it and providing immediate relief. There are basically two kinds of inhaler. One type is used during the occurrence of an asthma attack providing immediate relief and are also called emergence medicine. The other usually in the form of cortico steroids need to be used every day to prevent an asthma attack. The former is short term whereas the latter is long term. The use of both are very effective in controlling asthma.

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